Ronin Wallet – The Axie Infinity Wallet

We heard you were looking for the Ronin Wallet specifics

Cryptocurrencies are not just digital assets that you can earn from, they are also a source of entertainment. There are several NFT games that provide exclusive incentives in crypto to people who participate. And it would have been great if you could trade, save your crypto and play the NFT games all in one place, right?

Guess what, we found it – we found the service that provides all of these services from a single outlet. The service is none other than Ronin Wallet with exclusive access to the Axie Infinity Marketplace as both services are launched by the Sky Mavis.

We’ll tell you about the extension and the mobile app along with a section on the Ronin Wallet create account procedure so that you can go on to enjoy every service that the wallet platform offers. And then we’ll take you to the steps for connecting to the Axie Infinity marketplace as well as the steps to unlock/login to your account.

What version is the Ronin Wallet made available to you?

Well, as this is the beginning of the read, we thought it is better if we told you about how the Ronin Wallet service is available to you. The wallet service is designed both as a web browser extension and a mobile application.

For the Ronin Wallet extension Microsoft, you can go on to get the wallet extension on Chrome (the most used), Firefox, Brave, and Edge. For instance, install Ronin Wallet for Edge by getting on the official website and following basic instruction prompts.

Guided answer for how to download Ronin Wallet mobile app

Here, we’ll take you directly to the steps of downloading and installing the mobile application that has been launched by Ronin Wallet officials for Android and iOS devices:

  1. On your devices, get into the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Search for the app that you want to get from the stores.
  3. On finding it in the results, tap on it and get them downloaded.
  4. Make sure you let the installation procedure finish and then use it.

Want to take note of the Ronin Wallet sign up steps?

Here, in this part of the read, we have laid down the steps that crypto enthusiasts or just the Axie Infinity fans would have to undergo, only if they want to become active members of the Ronin Wallet service:

  1. First of all, the installation steps for the extension or the app need to be done.
  2. Launch your installed program and choose to move ahead with “Get Started”.
  3. It is time for you to place a tap on the tile reading “I’m new. Let’s get set up!”
  4. Move on to “Create Wallet” only after you’ve settled on a unique password.
  5. Reach for the seed phrase and keep it protected in an offline location.
  6. And the last two tiles that you hit are “Confirm Seed Phrase” & “Continue”.

How will you create the Ronin Axie Infinity connection?

Well, we thought you should know that Ronin is a parallel blockchain network to Ethereum, which is launched by Sky Mavis. The parent company is already renowned globally for the Axie Infinity game and therefore, has gifted the Ronin Wallet service with a feature to let users access the games’ marketplace. Now, let’s see how we can connect a Ronin Wallet account with the game:

  1. First, get on the official marketplace online for Axie.
  2. On the webpage, look for and place a tap on “Login”.
  3. The next step would be to tap the “Login with Ronin Wallet” tile.
  4. And finally, create your Axie Infinity play-to-earn game account.

Wondering how to unlock Ronin Wallet account?

This part of the read has been created to help you with some basic knowledge about the Ronin Wallet log in procedure. When you read further, you’ll get to know the steps for the same.

For the extension

  1. Get into your browser, and open the wallet extension.
  2. Type in the credentials that you’ve set for your account.
  3. Ensure 100% data validity and submit them to unlock.

For the mobile application

  1. Once you’ve downloaded and set up the wallet app, there’s no need to log in.
  2. However, if you logged out for some reason, just launch the app.
  3. Move to enter the set credentials as and when you get prompted.
  4. And as soon as you confirm its validity, you can go on to unlock your account.


This descriptive and highly-equipped read has been created to help you with understanding why cryptocurrency wallets are given utmost significance in order to enrich the crypto experience. Along with that, you got to know about one of the very efficient wallet services that have managed to grab a huge user base and attention – the Ronin Wallet.

Reading through the data piece above you are now aware of all the significant Ronin details that we procured for you. And that is inclusive of precise details on its browser extension and mobile application, steps to sign up, steps to log in and connect to the games on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.